1 ton/hr NPK Compound Fertilizer Bulk Blending Bb Granular Fertilizer Production Line

Short Description:

  • Usage: Production line of bulk blending fertilizer granules
  • Production Capacity: 1-3tons per hour
  • Product Highlights: Simple operation and labor saving
  • Applicable Materials: Urea, ammonium nitrate, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfur, ammonium phosphate particles, Organic fertilizer granules.

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Blending Fertilizer Production Line
Bulk blending fertilizer is more and more popular in the agriculture because of its high fertility. There are various formulas for manufacturing it. Before you make bb fertiliser, you can test the soil condition and plants nutrients and then produce fertilizers according to the formula. Furthermore, the nutrients content of compound fertiliser is about 25%. While the BB fertilizer is 52%. The bb fertilisers is manufactured according to the plants requirements and soil condition. Thus, its fertility is good. Especially, it has simple production process. It only needs three machines for forming a bulk blending fertilizer production line. A complete bulk blending fertilisers production line includes batching system, mixing equipment and the bag filling machine. The key equipment is the fertilizer blender, which can blend the materials uniformly. Our fertilizer equipment supplier employs high quality materials on machines. What’s more, these facilities adopts advanced design on the structures. Meanwhile, we provides you different configurations for your fertilize making requirements.

Working Process

Equipments of bulk blending compound fertilizer production line:

1 Batching System to reduce work intensity, increase output, achieve continuous production, and improve formula accuracy.
2 Mixing Machine mixing and stirring NPK fertilizer granules.
3 Package Machine Packing fertilizer granules into bags, which can improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs.
Batching System

Model: YHPL
Capacity: ≥1.25t/h
Number of Hopper: 3 (can be customized)
Feature: precise and fully automatic

BB Fertilizer Mixer

Power: 5.5kw
Lift Power: 1.5kw
Capacity: 5-10t/h
Application: mixing pellet fertilizers

The bb fertilizer mixer is a main equipment in the bulk blending fertilizer production line. It blends and discharges the materials by the special internal screw structure. Moreover, this new designed machine solves the influence on the system, which is caused by the materials features, air pressure, cold weather and so on. It is called the best mixer for bb fertiliser producer.
* There are feeding funnel in the machine for you to feed materials. What’s more, this feeding funnel can slide from the bottom of machine to the top.
* The slide ways are installed on the side of machine. When you feed materials into the feeding funnel, the funnel will slide along the slide ways and discharge materials into the mixing system.
* Especially, when it rotates forward, that means it is stirring the materials. If you want to get the materials out, turn it into reversing rotation.

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Packing Machine

Model: YH-A50(can be customized)
Motor Power(kw): 2
Voltage(V): 380
Packing Speed(bag/min): 34-6
Weight(kg): 400

Memory functions of the batching facility can storage many formulas. Meanwhile, the packing scale can memory different setting values for weighing. The bag-sewing equipment can weigh the bagged products again. Both the batching and the packing are high accuracy. The batching and packing system are controlled by the computer. It will batch automatically only if you set your formula and feed materials into each bin. In the same way, the packing scale can weigh the materials and output into bags automatically. Moreover, their accuracy can reach 0.2%.

Excellent Features Of Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Line

Though forming a bb fertilizer production line is simple, whether the production capacity or the products quality, it won’t disappoint you. Its production capacity is high. Generally, its production capacity is 8 ton per hour to 30 ton per hour. If you have other requirements, there are many specifications for you to choose.

It takes a little room for manufacturing. The batching facility is installed under the ground and the whole production line is compact form. Thus, it won’t take you too much area.

The finished products have good appearance and fertility. The bb fertilizer blenders blend the materials in the cylinder and transport materials with single bucket. These remain the granules original shape.

It’s applicable for you to apply it in whether the cold area or the wet area.

It is fast when you batch and mix the materials so that materials won’t have reactions with the air. This avoid materials getting damp.

It adopts PLC on batching, mixing and bagging. This saves your labour consumption, reducing your investment. The complete equipment use high quality materials for prolonging their service lifetime. Furthermore, they are corrosion-proof.

How much does it cost to set up a blending fertilizer production line?

A complete bulk blending fertilizer production line needs batching system, blending equipment and packaging scale. According your different requirements,we can provide you different configurations. The configuration you choose affects the costs. The higher the configuration, the higher the costs. Here we can provide you some suggestions on configurations for your reference.
* If you have a large scale fertilizer production business, we recommend you machines with high production capacity. For example, we have rotary blending machine for your large fertilizer production capacity requirements.
* If you want to equip with less machines, it’s better for you to buy our BB fertiliser mixers. It’s the most important equipment in the bb fertiliser making process. What’s more, using this single machine, you can blend the materials evenly and efficiently.
Especially, we can provide you tailor-made facilities. Both the production capacity and the configuration depend on your requirements. Moreover, our fertilizer equipment are high quality at factory prices. There has been many bulk blending fertilizer manufacturers who uses our equipment for fertilizer making. If you want to buy a cost-effective fertilisers facilities supplier, we will be a good choice for you.

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