Fertilizer production line

  • Animal manures fertilizer pellet production line /organic fertilizer granulator production line

    Animal manures fertilizer pellet production line /organic fertilizer granulator production line

    Organic waste to fertilizer production line uses the organic waste as the raw material, such as organic waste, straw, excrement from people, livestock and poultry, cake meal, agricultural and sideline products, then it is fermented, deodorized and thoroughly decomposed to be made fertilizer.

  • YH-FF Organic Fertilizer Folklift Feeder

    YH-FF Organic Fertilizer Folklift Feeder

    The forklift feeder is a kind of conveying equipment for bulk materials. This equipment can not only convey fine materials with particie size less than 5 mm, but also bulk materials more than 1cm.It is equipped with anti-smashing net, vibration anti-blocking device, frequency conversion speed regulating device, can achieve uniform discharge and accurate control of discharge volume.

  • YH-DG  Fertilizer Compound Fertilizer Disc Granulator Machine

    YH-DG Fertilizer Compound Fertilizer Disc Granulator Machine

    This series of disc granulator is a new type of tilting plate granualator, the product is round ball type, the granulation rate can reach more than 90%. It is widely used in organic fertilizer plant, compound fertilizer plant, garbage treatment plant, mining, chemical industry, feed and other industries. It is used for granulation processing of materials. The finished particles have the characteristics of beautiful appearance and large diameter selection range

  • YH-DG Double roller extrusion granulator

    YH-DG Double roller extrusion granulator

    A double roller extrusion granulator is critical equipment for compound fertilizer granulation. It has the advantages of advanced technology, reasonable design, compact structure, novelty and utility, and low energy consumption. It can support the corresponding equipment, forming a small production line to achieve a specific capacity of continuous, mechanized production. This machine adopts unique formula, without drying, production at ROOM temperature. The product is formed by rolling at on...
  • YH-RM U-Shape Ribbon Mixer

    YH-RM U-Shape Ribbon Mixer

    A horizontal fertilizer mixer is mainly used in power plants’ organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, and dust collectors. It can also be used in chemical metallurgy, mining, building materials, and other industries. 1. Horizontal mixer is a kind of equipment for homogenizing mixing requirements of various particles, powders, and sheets; 2, Horizontal mixer material is divided into carbon steel, 201, SUS304, and SUS316L production, the optional material contact surface is made of stai...
  • BB fertilizer mixer

    BB fertilizer mixer

    This series of BB fertilizer equipment is a new generation of hybrid equipment developed by our company. The most prominent advantage of the machine is that the mixing amount is large, the formula is convenient, and the pertinence is strong. It overcomes the distribution phenomenon caused by the mixture in the downward flow process because of the proportion of material and the different granularity and improves the proportioning precision. Moreover, the product is simple in structure, easy t...
  • YH-GRC Fertilizer Granule Rotary Coating Machine

    YH-GRC Fertilizer Granule Rotary Coating Machine

    Drum granulation equipment is a molding machine that can make the material into a specific shape. The primary mode of work is wet granule granulation through a certain amount of water or steam so that the essential fertilizer in the cylinder body after humidification whole chemical reaction, in a specific liquid condition, with the help of cylinder rotation movement, so that the material particles between the squeeze pressure agglomeration into balls. The cylinder body of this machine is lin...
  • YH-RS Rotary Screening Machine

    YH-RS Rotary Screening Machine

    The rotary screening machine is a newtypeofself – cleaningscreen special equipment after the electric vibrating screenner and the ordinary network type roller screen produced by the domestic companies . It is widely applicable to sieving of various solid materials with particle size less than 300mm. It has m any characteristics such as high screening efficiency , low noise , small amount of dust long service life , less m a inten a n ce , an d con venient maintenance , and its screening capacity is l t / h -20 t / h .

  • YH-WS Semi-wet Material Shredder

    YH-WS Semi-wet Material Shredder

    Semi-wet material shredder is widely used in biological organic fermentation compost, municipal solid waste compost, grass mud carbon, rural straw waste, industrial organic waste, livestock manure, and other natural fermentation high humidity material crushing special process equipment. The equipment for biological fermentation of organic fertilizer material water allowable value of 25-55%, grinding particle size to meet the granulation requirements. This machine solves the problem of high w...
  • YH-SC Fertilizer Spray Coating Machine

    YH-SC Fertilizer Spray Coating Machine

    It is an effective compound fertilizer equipment consisting of a spiral conveyor, mixing tank, oil pump, and main engine. It adopts a powder or liquid coating process, which effectively prevents lumping. 1. The cylinder body is lined with a special rubber sheet or acid-resistant stainless steel lining. 2. The granule coating machine cooperates with the dry powder coating agent powder spraying machine and is used with the liquid coating agent spraying system. 3. The transmission system of the...
  • YH-CF Crawler Flip Machine

    YH-CF Crawler Flip Machine

    Crawler flip machine stores poultry manure, agricultural waste, sugar mill filter mud, sludge, domestic garbage, and other pollutants through oxygen consumption fermentation into green environmental protection, improving the soil quality of biological organic fertilizer. It can reach a day of heating, 3-5 days of deodorization, and sterilization (can kill eggs and bacteria in feces), seven days into fertilizer, faster than other mechanical means of fermentation method, and high efficiency. C...