1 ton per hour sheep cattle horse poultry feed pellet production line

Short Description:

1. This pellet production line includes crusher, mixer, screw conveyor, storage machine, pellet mill, conveyor, packing machine etc. (and we also can equip the suitable machine according to clients’ requirements.)

2. All machines will be controlled by electric cabinet under working condition

3. The whole line needs 1-3 workers to operate.

4. With the successive and rational technological process.

5. The line has the advantages such as compact structure, small floor space, low energy consumption and high efficiency.


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This is a flat die pellet feed production line, it is a feed production equipment suitable for small and medium-sized feed processing enterprises and farmers. Simple operation and easy maintenance, the core equipment is a flat die pellet machine, using different models, the output can be 100-2000kg/h. It can be used to produce poultry and livestock pellet and powder feed, cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, rabbits, etc., and can also produce sinking fish feed.


At the same time, we can customize according to your specific needs, from the most basic crushing and mixing machine plus flat die granulator, to a whole line of grinders, mixers, granulators, coolers, and packaging machines.


Vertical type grinder and mixer

Vertical feed mixer can crush sorghum, corn, soybean, wheat, rice and so on.It also can crush the straw and granulate the peanut shell.It can also crush domestic waste to make fertilizer and so on.
Animal Feed Pellet Machine

The feed pellet processing machines processing of feed particles, bright and clean, uniform, moderate hardness, particle size can be replaced by different millstone required for the purpose, aperture into 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm, etc. (the machine by default with 4 mm diameter), when you place an order according to different growth period of farmed animals need to choose different aperture of mill. 

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Counterflow cooler

The high temperature in pellet mill will heat up the pellets. Usually they can cool down naturally. But if you want to pack them right after production, a pellet cooler can improve the efficiency.

Pellet packing machine

If you produce feed pellets for sale or future use, packing them into bags is necessary. Packaging makes it convenient for storage and transportation, and protects feed pellets from water and air.

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Raw Materials



Corn, maize, soybean, rice, wheat: contain about 10-14% of protein and also contain vitamin B1, B2, B6 and small quantity of enzyme. Rapeseed Meal, cotton seed meal: high protein-containing material that can be used as a feed for livestock and poultry. Typical meal contains around 38% of protein; however it also contains about 12% crude fiber and glucosinolates, specific components of cruciferae plants straw meal, grass meal, rice bran, wheat chaff: contain fiber, control many types of fish diseases.

Grains like corn,soybean,wheat do not need to be crushed before pelleting,our animal feed pellet making machine can press them into pellets directly, but if you manufacturing other materials like straw, grass, alfalfa etc, you have to crush them into powder form and then pelleting them, when you manufacturing your own animal feed, single raw material do not also a mixer machine, but if you use several material, it is better to use a mixer machine, thus powder raw material can be mixed evenly.


Processing grain into pellets like corn/maize, soybean, rice, wheat, and no need crushing them before pelleting, put them in the pelleting room of animal feed making machine, they will become pellets automatically.
Making animal feed and livestock feed like for cattle feed pellet, chicken feed pellet, pig feed pellet, goat feed pellet, duck feed pellet, cattle feed pellet, horse feed pellet, bird feed pellet, and rabbit feed pellet etc and other animals and livestock.
Turning straw, grass, hay meal into pellets for animal feed and heating fuel.
Processing life garbage and other green plants into pellets for livestock and animal feed.
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