Automatic palletizing equipment

  • Single Column Robot Palletizer Swivel Arm Robot Palletizer

    Single Column Robot Palletizer Swivel Arm Robot Palletizer

    Rotary stacking is mainly used in beer, beverage, medicine and other industries production line back end stacking, with more than 180 degrees of rotation function, can be applied to multiple pallets stacking at the same time, flexible rotation, small area, there are many dimensions, performance can be compared to robot stacking.

  • YH-MD steel frame mechanical palletizer

    YH-MD steel frame mechanical palletizer

    This palletizing machine is computer-programmed and integrates mechanical and electrical integration technology. It can palletize various bags, plastic cubes and boxes in a particular arrangement according to the customer’s needs. The equipment adopts a PLC+ touch screen controller to achieve intelligent operation management, which is simple and easy to operate.
    Applicable scenes: Suitable for industries in food feed, fertilizer, chemical, cement, flour and other sectors involved in bagged goods stacking operations.

  • YH-MDR Robot arm palletizer

    YH-MDR Robot arm palletizer

    1. Simple structure and a few parts. As a result, the parts failure rate is low, performance is reliable, maintenance is simple, and the required parts inventory is small.
    2. It occupies a smaller area. It is conducive to the layout of the production line in the customer’s workshop and can leave a large storage area. Palletizing robots can be set up in a narrow space and used efficiently.
    3. Strong applicability. When the pallet’s size, volume, shape and shape change, modify the touch screen, which will not affect the average production of customers. Mechanically changing planers is cumbersome, if not impossible.
    4. Lower energy consumption. Its power consumption is 5Kw, comparing the steel frame mechanical palletizer’s power consumption of about 26Kw. It reduces the customer’s operating costs.
    5. All controls can be operated simply on the control cabinet screen.
    6. You Only need to locate the grab point and release point. The teaching method is simple and easy to understand.