• Organic Fertilizer Granulator for Recycling Organic Wastes

    Generally speaking, organic wastes, also called green wastes, refer to organic and waste materials produced during the process of production and life activities that people engaged in, mainly containing crop straw, organic household garbage, human and animal manure, etc....
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  • Types of Commercial Composting Systems

    Windrow Composting Windrow composting is also called open windrow composting , which requires a windrow composting machine and is suitable for producing large volumes of compost in agriculture. This type of composting is usually used to handle garden waste, shr...
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  • Dual-station fertilizer packaging machine for Chilean customer

    Fertilizer packaging machine shipped to Chile. We are happy to announce that our fertilizer packaging machines are ready to be shipped to Chile. This advanced equipment will bring huge benefits to Chile’s agricultural industry. This fertilizer packaging machine is highly automated and can packag...
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  • Why you should use wood pellets?

    Biomass pellet is derived from renewable sources and organic matter such as wood and food waste. It can be used to both produce electricity and heat. If you think about it, biomass is the original fuel source used by mankind. We’ve been choppin...
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  • What Is Dry Mortar Mixing Plant?

    Dry Mix Mortar is a kind of construction material. It is mainly composed of cement, sand and some other chemical additives. These ingredients are precisely weighed and evenly mixed in a set of machine – dry-mixed mortar production line. The finished mixture is usually pa...
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  • The structure, principle and working process of bulk bag packing machine

    Bulk bag packing machine is a multi-purpose automatic quantitative packaging machine which integrates electronic weighing, automatic bag releasing and dust collection. The machine has high automation, stable equipment performance, high packaging accuracy, and the high pa...
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  • Dryer Machine

    The dryer machine aims to remove moisture from the material. Dryers should be carefully designed so that heat-sensitive or low melting point materials will not overheat and affect their quality. What You Can Benefit from: High-quality final product. The materi...
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  • Two set of bulk bag packaging machines was shipped to Mozambique

    Two set of bulk bag packaging machines was shipped to Mozambique from Zhengzhou Yuheng Technology Co., Ltd. The two set of bulk bag packaging machines includes 2 set of bulk bag packaging machines, 1 set of bucket elevator , and 2 ...
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  • Benefits of Organic fertiliser: what makes Organic fertiliser popular and favored in the world

    Organic fertiliser is a type of fertiliser made from natural organic substances, mainly including animal manure, plant residues and compost. Organic fertilisers have a variety of uses and benefits. Firstly, organic fertilisers can provide plants with the nutrients they need. Organic fertilisers a...
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  • Chinese Supplier Zhengzhou Yuheng Technology Signed A Service Contract With TOOLOTS

    Chinese Supplier Zhengzhou Yuheng Technology Signed A Service Contract With TOOLOTS

    Zhengzhou Yuheng Technology, a...
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  • What is an Automatic Granule Packing Machine with Weighing Scale

    An automatic granule packing machine with weighing scale is a great asset for any business. From manufacturing and chemical industries to farming, retail and food processing these machines provide an efficient and convenient way to measure and package granular products. With its advanced features...
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  • Prospects for the Use of Automatic Packaging Scales.

    The advancement of technology has made it possible for businesses to increase their efficiency and productivity. One of the most recent and exciting innovations in the manufacturing industry is the use of an Automatic Packaging Scale (APS). An APS is an automated system that can accurately weigh ...
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