China manufacturer cotton stalk briquette making machine straw briquetting compressing machine

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The processing range of this machine: all kinds of agricultural and forestry biomass wastes such as: corn stalks, wheat straws, cotton stalks, corncobs, pasture, wood chips, wood powder, branches, bark, branches, rice husks, peanut shells, waste mushroom sticks, Clothing factory scraps, paper mill waste, waste carpets, waste leather, kitchen waste, animal manure, etc. Used in feed mills, wood processing plants, fuel plants, fertilizer plants, chemical plants, etc.

Machine features:The ideal biomass compression moulding equipment for small investments, quick results and no risk.


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The ideal biomass compression moulding equipment for small investments, quick results and no risk.


The machine mainly includes: feeding system, forming system, discharging system, heating system, control system of the distribution cabinet, etc.

Performance Features

1.Adopt the latest design, pellet machine special square high efficiency motor, f the same power under the energy consumption savings of about 10%.
2.The use of more suitable for the pellet making industry special gear box parallel hard gear surface, impact resistance is stronger, more powerful force.
3.Oil lubrication carefully built double program for choice: program one: no grease, pure thin oil lubricating oil circuit flow, cooling and cooling effect is good, more conducive to extend the service life of the bearing. Scheme two: the pressure wheel grease lubrication, free of oil seal special structure, cancel the easily damaged fluorine rubber oil seal, a set of pressure wheel skin to natural wear and tear scrapped will not be bad bearing.
4.Feeding with current control system.

Accessories (free of charge, shipped along with the main machine)

No. Model Power(KW) Number of mold holes (Pieces) Output(T/H) Weight(T) Dimension(mm)
1 YH-9JK-2600 75 52 1.5-2 5 2647*2100*1900
2 YH-9JK-3500 110 72 2-3 8 3250*2600*2000
3 YH-9JK-4500 132 88 3.5-4.5 9 3350*2800*2200
4 YH-9JK-5500 160 100 3.5-4.5 12 4300*2800*2450
5 YH-9JK-6500 200 120 4.5-5.5 16 4400*2970*2495

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