Why you should use wood pellets?


Biomass pellet is derived from renewable sources and organic matter such as wood and food waste. It can be used to both produce electricity and heat. If you think about it, biomass is the original fuel source used by mankind. We’ve been chopping and burning wood for millennia. The only difference is now we can do it in a cleaner, more efficient and less harmful.

Of course, the main advantage of biomass is that it is renewable. Trees and plants take energy from the sun and turn it into fuel. Better still, they absorb carbon from the atmosphere, so they have a neutral impact over their lifetime. The more trees we plant, the more carbon they can remove and the more fuel we can have.
Rather than digging up vast tracts of land to mine coal, ripping oil from the sea bed or fracking deep underneath the ground on which we live, biomass involves making our world greener and increasing numbers of trees. It makes our planet cleaner and greener, and that can only be a good thing for all of us and future generations.

Post time: Aug-29-2023