YH-PL4 Static weighing and batching system

Short Description:

Standard configuration:
Storage bins, weighing buckets, and a converging conveyor.
Machine features:
Automatic feeding, weighing, feeding, sewing and conveying
Applicable materials:
Powder, particles, organic fertilizer, biomass particles and other materials with low fluidity

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Machine Advantages

1. Material; Q235 carbon steel, stainless steel according to customer requirements. Adopt a pneumatic actuator, reliable work and simple maintenance
2. Using PLC high-speed sampling processing instrument communication and digital frequency conversion technology, with the automatic setting of control parameters and automatic drop correction. Adapting to different material characteristics can be continuous, simple, and flexible. Equipped with an RS-232C or RS485 communication interface, it can be connected to the upper computer.
3. Perfect exhaust system and good sealing performance, double sealing, prevent powder leakage, ensure high purity of the product
4. Especially designed feeding and bucket weighing mechanisms improve the flow speed of materials, fast batching speed, and high batching accuracy. It can be customized according to the customer's needs
5. Applicable to grain, oil, feed, food, sugar, starch, flour, protein powder, fibre, skin, seed processing, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, cement, storage, harbour and other sectors in the production and operation of automatic quantitative ingredients. Wide quantitative range, high precision, a multi-purpose machine, and high efficiency。
6. Installation method: the batching machine is directly connected to the storage bin without adding the extra steel frame. It takes little space and is simple to install.

product Specifications

Packing materials Particle and powder materials
Weighing range (kg) 20-1000kg
Batching speed (T/h) 100KG-50T
Degree of accuracy ±0.2%
Power supply 380V 220V 50Hz (Can be customized)
Power 2.2kw
Gas consumption 0.4~0.6Mpa 1m3/h
Work environment 0~+40℃
Sensor PCS-1000KG-BA (KeLi Electric)
Controller Computer programmed controller YHD8
Pneumatic components' manufacture Yadeke, Jialing, Taiwan
Machine manufacturing material The contact part with the packing materials is made of stainless steel, which has good fluidity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and is easy to clean.
Feeding methods 3-stage arc-valve feeding mechanism for granule materials
Packing auger or belt conveyor for powder materials
Installation size (mm) The Standard 4 ingredients system has installation dimensions of 6000*1500*2900. (The actual size may vary due to customization to the sourcing requirements.)
Installation The whole set of the machine can be directly hoisted to the installation site without an additional steel frame. It is easy to install and occupies little space.

Machine Description

The machine includes storage bins, weighing buckets, a converging conveyor, ingredient valves and discharge valves.

1. Storage bin
The capacity of the material storage bin, also known as the buffer bin, is customized according to the actual needs to be compatible with the workflow.
2. Ingredient valve
3. Discharge valve can be set at fast, medium or slow feed to discharge the packing material more accurately.
4. Weighed material temporary storage bin (before discharged)
According to the customer's needs, a certain amount of weighed materials fall into these bins at a different ratio, which is set in advance.
5. Discharge valve discharge the material into the bag from the bag opening and then close afterwards.
6. Converging conveyor

- Computer programmed control cabinet, high measurement accuracy, stable performance, digital display. It can automatically perform control, drop correction, super differential alarming, fault diagnosis and other functions.


- Manufacturing materials: The shell adopts an advanced plastic spraying process, smooth and material contact parts, wear resistance, good mobility, high hygiene standard, corrosion resistance, and extended equipment service life.


Schematic diagram of mechanical parts


Applicable bag


Applicable materials


Applicable scene


Machine dimensions


YH-PL4 Static batching system quotation sheet

NO. Name Model Brand Unit Qty Unit Price(RMB) Total Price(RMB) delivery cycle Note
1 Ingredients system YH-PL YH set 1 25day The quantity of the storage bins can be customized according to the customer’s needs.

PS: This machine can be customized according to the customer's requirements; therefore, its price may vary.

The main machine and the compatible supporting types of machinery


Upstream and downstream supporting types of machinery


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