YH-PD50S shaped block packing machine (dual-scale)

Short Description:

Machine features:
Feeding, weighing, bag clamping, filed bag conveying, and bag sewing.
Applicable materials:
Special-shaped block, briquette, lump coal, flour, starch, cement, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, et special-shaped block, briquette, lump coal, flour, starch, cement, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, etc.
Applicable packing bags:
All kinds of bags such as woven bags, paper bags, cloth bags, and plastic bags.
Installation method:
The scale part is connected directly to the storage bin without extra supporting frames. The installation is simple and takes little plant ground floor.
Machine advantages:
The machine has two weighing buckets that can work alternately to Increase the packing speed. High packing speed, simple operation, high precision, high efficiency, stable operation, simple maintenance, and continuous operation.

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Machine specifications

Applicable materials Special-shaped block, briquette, organic fertilizer
Weighing range (kg) 20-50kg
Weighing speed(bag/h) 300-400
Weighing accuracy 0.2%
Power supply 380V/220V 50Hz (Can be customized)
Power 2.2Kw
Air consumption 0.4~0.6Mpa 1m3/h
Working environment -20℃~+40℃
Sensor ILGC-200KG-BA (KeLi Electric)
Computer control instrument Computer programmed controller YH-D8
Pneumatic Components Taiwan Yadke
Manufacturing materials The contact part with the packing material is made of stainless steel, which has good fluidity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and is easy to clean and hygienic. The rest is made of carbon steel.
Feeding mechanism Belt 2-stage feeding feed
Installation Dimensions (mm) 1960*1740*3120

Machine Description


A computer-programmed control instrument with High measurement accuracy, stable performance, and digital display. Chinese, English, and French languages. Automatic setting of control parameters, automatic drop correction, super differential alarm, fault diagnosis, etc

Manufacturing materials

The out layer of the machine adopts an electrostatic injection plastic process. The feed opening is made of smooth stainless steel, wear resistance, high fluidity, hygiene, corrosion resistance, and extended equipment service life.


Machine dimensions


Applicable packing bags


Applicable packing materials


Applicable scenes


The compatible supporting types of machinery


Scope of application:
Suitable for grain, feed, fertilizer, chemical flour and other bagged goods palletizing and handling industries.

Suitable for all packaging bags, automatic palletizing, fast palletizing speed, high palletizing accuracy, high degree of automation, simple operation, saving labour cost.

Machine configuration:
Main palletizing engine, coding roller conveyor, plastic conveyor, climbing belt conveyor, etc

The bucket elevator is suitable for lifting from low to high positions. After the feed enters the hopper through the shaking table, the machine automatically runs continuously and sends it upward. Transmission speed and lifting height can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs. The hoppers are designed and manufactured by our R&D team. PP non-toxic hopper makes this bucket elevator more widely used. The bucket size can be designed and manufactured according to the customer’s needs. It is suitable for food, medicine, chemical products, screws, nuts and other products that are needed for lifting and feeding. It can receive the signal from the packaging machine control panel to automaticly stop and start to save energy and cost.


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