YH-LX50 powder packing machine (packing auger)

Short Description:

Machine features:
It integrates feeding, weighing, bag clamping, conveying and sewing.
Applicable materials:
Powder materials with water content below 5% and super dry powder.
Applicable packing bags:
Woven bags, sacks, paper bags, cloth bags, and plastic bags.
Installation method:
The scale body is directly connected to the storage bin without additional steel frames. The installation process is simple and occupies little space on the ground.
Machine advantages:
Dual-helix packing auger system can adjust the packing speed accordingly. The machine’s outer shell adopts. An advanced plastic spraying process makes the contact part smooth, wear-resistant, good fluidity and hygienic. Simple The operation, High packing speed, high precision, high efficiency, stable operation, simple maintenance and continuous operation. Reserved de-dusting port (optional)

Product Detail

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Machine specifications

Applicable materials

Powder material with water content below 5%

Weighing range (kg)


Weighing speed(bag/h)


Weighing accuracy


Power supply

380V/220V 50Hz (Can be customized)

Air consumption

0.4~0.6Mpa 1m3/h

Working environment



ILGC-200KG-BA (KeLi Electric)

Computer control instrument

Computer programmed controller


Pneumatic Components

Taiwan Yadke, JELPC


Reserved dust removal port

Manufacturing materials

The contact part is made of carbon steel.

Feeding mechanism

Twin-packing auger

Installation Dimensions (mm)


Schematic diagram of mechanical parts


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