YH-CF Crawler Flip Machine

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Machine introduction

Crawler flip machine stores poultry manure, agricultural waste, sugar mill filter mud, sludge, domestic garbage, and other pollutants through oxygen consumption fermentation into green environmental protection, improving the soil quality of biological organic fertilizer. It can reach a day of heating, 3-5 days of deodorization, and sterilization (can kill eggs and bacteria in feces), seven days into fertilizer, faster than other mechanical means of fermentation method, and high efficiency. Customer requirements can also add auxiliary facilities, such as an automatic sprinkling device. The surface stacking fermentation mode is a fertilizer-making mode that can save civil construction and human resources. It is necessary to pile the material into a long strip, and the material is stirred and broken regularly by the turning machine. The organic matter is decomposed under aerobic conditions. Both the function of crushing significantly saves time, and labor, so organic fertilizer plant production efficiency and product quality have been substantially improved, and the cost has been reduced considerably. Turning over the pile machine can be very effective in the sludge, sticky chicken manure, and other materials and bacteria, straw powder mixing evenly. It creates a better aerobic environment for material fermentation. Not only faster than the excellent tank fermentation speed and effectively prevents the fermentation process of hydrogen sulfide, amine gas, indole, and other harmful odor gas production, in line with environmental requirements.

The Crawler Flip machine model is used by many; it uses the ground strip pile fermentation natural organic fertilizer way; better will be the ground garbage, feces, and other fermentation overturning. It is characterized by low investment, high return, low energy consumption, low cost, and high effect. It is mainly used in livestock farms, such as cattle, sheep, and other types of farms. It can be the implementation of the material stirring and crushing under aerobic conditions for the decomposition of organic matter not only improve the speed of fermentation but also effectively prevent the fermentation process of hydrogen sulfide, amine gas, and other harmful, malodorous gas production, favorable to environmental requirements, improve fertilizer efficiency. It uses a diesel engine as the power, four-wheel walking, and power through the transmission system to carry a combination of cutting tools to the drum for work. The quality is reliable, the performance is stable, and the operation process is simple.

Machine features

It comprises a transmission device, lifting device, walking machine, turning-over device, transfer car, and other main components, with fast turning-over speed, stirring evenly, and other effects that can make the material and air fully contact with the fermentation effect, suitable for geosynclinal fermentation. The machine design structure is scientific, has a high degree of automation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and is easy to use and low cost.

Machine specifications


Crawler Flip  machine


63 kw

Turn-over width



Vertical diesel engine

Stacking height


Diameter of reamer



300 mm

Weight of equipment


External dimension


Production capacity

500-800 m3 /h



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