A 、Machine features
1、Ton-bag packing machine is highly reliable,and it consists of high precision (0.2%-0.5%) sensor and high resolution controlled metering system.
2、The feeding mechanism is adopt with either the powder spiral feeding system, or the granular arc-gate type three-stage feeding system or the belt feeding system for irregular materials,depending of the material properties. It is quantitative controlled under high packing speed.
3、The weighing range is adjustable within 500-1500kg, and suitable for big packing bag.
4、The parameter setting and weighing calibrating is easy to understand and to operate.

B 、Machine components
The machine is composed of large and small screw feeders, bag clipping device, weigher inner frame and outer frame, pneumatic bag hanging device, separate Control cabinet.

C 、Workprocess flow
First, a Ton-bag is covered over the feeding mouth. The corners of the bag is hooked and spread out after pressing the “start”button. The controller will remove the weight of the bag automatically, and the material falls automatically and reaches the target value at a very fast speed. At this time, the bag cylinder will loosen the bag mouth and the cylinder will loosen the four corners of the bag, with an error of ±0.2%.
PS: Above work process is fully automatic, and can be switched into manual.

Post time: Aug-08-2022