Automatic packing machine is suitable for all walks of life

Ton bag packing machine is suitable for seed, chemical, petroleum metallurgy, mining, medicine and other industries of all kinds of powder, granular material collection bag, big bag, ton bag packing machine.

Structure and characteristics of ton bag packing machine:

1. Automation: PLC control, bag clamping, bag blowing, feeding, metering and filling, exhaust, bag falling, tray, distribution, finished bag transportation are automatic, workers only need to hang empty bags and bag feeding mouth knot;
2. Weighing fast: particle material is pneumatic valve control gravity self-exiled material, powder material is horizontal screw feeding, are double station multistage feeding, the combination of thickness and fine feeding, well solve the problem of large flow material feeding control;
3. High precision: innovative and practical weighing force transmission mechanism, automatic correction of fall, overshoot detection and suppression function; Measurement speed, high precision;
4. Easy to operate: unique bag-hanging and bag-clamping mechanism design, automatic opening of bag-unloading and decoupling at the end of packaging, can realize fast loading and unloading;
5. High efficiency: double tray movement, automatic tray feeding, package, a bag of packaging after completion, does not affect the next bag of packaging;
6. Energy saving and environmental protection: powder packaging with dust recovery system.

Technical parameters of ton bag packing machine

Model specification: LCS-DT
Applicable materials: granular materials powder materials flake materials
Weighing range: 200 ~ 12000kg
Weighing speed: 8 ~ 28 bags/hour
Display resolution: 100G
Measurement accuracy: static ≤±0.2%, dynamic ≤±0.2%
Air supply air source: air pressure: 0.6MP, gas consumption: 0.5m3/h
Power supply: ton bag packing scale: AC220V/50HZ Conveyor: AC380V/50HZ
Power consumption: 2.2kW
Installation height: 2780mm
Temperature range: -10 ~ 40℃
Relative humidity: ≤90%RH(no condensed water

Our company's YHPL automatic batching system contains a variety of equipment for handling powder, granular solid, liquid, and other materials, including raw material storage, transportation, weighing batching, dust removal, and material mixing. Weighing batching equipment can be customized to meet industry needs, process requirements, material specifics, a reasonable selection of weighing methods, and a variety of working modes.

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Post time: Jul-08-2022