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The vertical ring die pellet mill (briquette press) is a production machine that uses eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, fruit wood and crop straw and bamboo shavings to crush into sawdust and bran for processing into biomass fuel.

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Machine introduction

The new generation of vertical ring die pellet mill effectively solves the shortcomings of difficult pelletizing and poor effect on biological coarse fibres, and adopts international advanced manufacturing technology to customize your various pellet mills with high quality moulds for various raw materials.

Machine features

Vertical ring die pelletizer, absorbing the advantages of domestic and foreign pelletizer; die vertical flat, pressing area into two layers, and die, pressure roller using high alloy wear-resistant materials refined, with reasonable design, unique structure, stable and fast, long life, etc.


Performance features

1. Mould flat, direct feeding, wide range of material adaptation, strong heat dissipation.
2. Vertical double layer of moulds, improve the utilization rate, reduce the cost and high cost performance.
3. The unique overall design of the spindle ensures the concentricity of the equipment and reduces the failure rate of the equipment.
4. Fully automatic intermittent lubrication of the whole machine to prolong the life of the machine's wearing parts.
The combination of centrifugal force and extrusion force of the press rollers ensures the shaping and finish of the granules and increases the output.

Machine specifications

Model Power(kw) Weight(t) Capacity(t/h) Forming specifications(mm) Dimension(mm)L*W*H
YH450 55/75 3 0.8-1.2 Φ6-Φ12 2200*1400*2200
YH560 90/110/132 4.5 1-2 Φ6-Φ12 2300*1500*2200
YH600 132/160 4.8 2-2.5 Φ6-Φ12 2300*1500*2200
YH700 160/185 5 2.5-3 Φ6-Φ12 2300*1500*2200

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